Since 2004 Endeavor Medical Systems (EMS) had been focused on meeting the unique needs of the Emergency Medicine community. Our services include:

Medical Coding,  Billing and Collecting
EMS specializes in billing for emergency medicine hospital departments, professional (ER physician), free-standing emergency facilities, ambulance, and air ambulance. Clients provide the patient medical record, and EMS will code, verify insurance, submit claims to insurance, appeal claims as needed, send patient statements, and then aggressively pursue collections from insurances and patient.  EMS employs a skilled and dedicated staff with many years of experience in emergency medicine billing.

Free Standing ER Design and Operation
EMS has unparalleled experience in designing, developing, and managing free-standing emergency departments.  EMS is the hub of coordination between the Larkin Group of companies.

Healthcare Consulting
EMS provides consulting to individual physicians, groups, hospitals, urgent care, and emergency operations. EMS also provides the administrative and accounting support for Medical Center Emergency Physicians, Altum Healthcare, and Grace Ambulance.



Endeavor Medical Systems is a division of The Larkin Group. The company coordinates the design, development, and management of free-standing ER facilities and hospital-based ER departments.  We can assist with financing options, architectural design, building, development of fee schedules, negotiating commercial contracts, marketing, staffing, billing, and practice management.



  When you are a patient in a hospital emergency room or a free standing emergency center, you will receive more than one billing statement. The facility charges are separate from the physician charges, and the hospital or facility files a separate claim for services provided including equipment, supplies, and staff. The physician must file a separate insurance claim or bill the patient for professional services. Physician specialists who bill separately include:
  • Emergency Room Physician
  • Pathologist
  • Radiologist
  • Hospitalist or other physician specialist
If you have any questions regarding any of your billing statements, please call 713.838.0800. A dedicated team of customer service specialists will be happy to assist you.

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